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Denise is passionate about the holistic perspective of development for each child. She believes education is half of the equation in order for children to develop intellectually, emotionally, and physically and achieve their hopes and aspirations. She feels extremely privileged to collaborate with the Board of Education in Paterson and to be working with such amazing children and families. 

Child at the Doctor


Your child can see the pediatrician for regular checkups, vaccinations, sick visits, and more. We take great care to provide the highest quality service, taking into consideration the needs of the individual.



Our treatment coordinators work within each school to ensure families are well taken care of. They schedule appointments, help with the application process, liaise with insurance companies and NJ Cares, and are available to help support you and your child through all challenges. We encourage you to visit your school's health center and meet your local treatment coordinator.

Young Man in Therapy


The FSCS Health clinic benefits all the families who attend our schools. The Health Clinic offers all students receiving Behavioral Health Services to receive them while they are in the school setting which benefits families with their work schedules and time restraints.

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