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February Heart Health!

By Taylor Weber, Montclair State University Intern

Heartshape fruits and vegetables

You may be asking yourself, “How am I going to decrease my salt intake?” Well, it’s easy — just follow these steps and you’ll be enjoying flavorful meals that your heart will love!

Cut down on the processed foods – These foods are just jam packed with salt that are not doing any good for our health. Try eating whole, fresh foods because not only do they taste good, they are much more filling to help keep you full longer.

  1. Substitute with herbs and spices — Try cooking with cumin, cayenne, paprika, black pepper, oregano, garlic or onion powder to offer a nice flavorful bite just like salt does.

  2. Use low sodium condiments – When you are reading food labels, look for condiments with sodium around 140 mg of sodium per serving.

Try adding citrus juice — Adding the juice from fresh lemons, limes, oranges or grapefruits are an excellent way to flavor your food without salt.

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