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The Breathing Room

Updated: Aug 5

Enjoy the latest recording from our "Breathing Room" session:

We learned a lot during this past year. A lot about what we take for granted. How this new

world order has disrupted our dailies…waking up, walking or driving to school.. or not. Lunches.

Those who take food for granted and those faced with when we might eat again…or get a paycheck …or relax…new discussions…newfound anger…adjustment, rebellion…it has been so exhausting…So I woke up one day and said, Really? How else can we support our families, each other now and moving forward through our Full-Service Community School Health Centers?

“The Breathing Room’. Our Behavioral Health Staff who has been doing such an amazing job

counseling our students and trying to connect with families, teachers, community members

realize there are just so many hours in a day to schedule therapeutic zooms. We decided to start this series so you can watch whenever is convenient.

We take a look at our children, our parents, our teachers and discuss meaningful topics that

give us a special lens to realize and interpret.

Please email us if you would like to be a guess or have questions you would like our staff of

therapists, treatment coordinators, or medical professionals to address. Please tell your friends and those you feel might benefit from these sessions. We will keep each session posted for a few weeks.

Hope you enjoy “The Breathing Room!”



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