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Want to become a Treatment Coordinator with FSCS Health Center/Health N’ Wellness Services, LL

Health N Wellness Services, LLC is looking for a Treatment Coordinator for our one of our Paterson Full Service Community School Health Centers which provides children access to quality health/mental health care inside the school during the school day.

The Treatment Coordinator duties include:

  1. Community Outreach and events

  2. Registering students for clinic and expediting services through providers.

  3. Maintain monthly stats and reports

  4. Maintaining compliance with health center cleanliness and PPE regulations

  5. Mindful and compliant with sensitive materials with respect to HIPAA and FERPA

We are looking for an individual who is a team player, friendly, and with outstanding communication skills to provide high quality services to our families. Good computer skills and bilingual Spanish/Bengali a plus. This position pays hourly rate based on experience/education and follows the school day/year schedule.

All candidates will be reviewed regardless of race, color, sex, gender identification, religion, national origin or language. Ability to work independently and as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

If you are interested in this position and want to learn more, please contact Denise Hajjar at

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