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Welcome Back Students!

We are thrilled to welcome back our wonderful students to all of the Full Service Community School Health Centers (FSCS) in participating schools. We know this is going to be a wonderful and healthy year for all children, even though it may be challenging!

The FSCS Health Center is The Board of Education’s Comprehensive School-Based Health Clinics. We operate pediatric Health Centers that provide children access to quality care inside the school and now virtually!

At all FSCS Health Centers your children can receive the following care:

  1. Pediatric Doctor scheduled appointments for sick and well-care preventative services

  2. Dental Care

  3. Vision Care Both screening, exam, and eyeglasses

  4. Nutrition Education and parents/guardians workshops

  5. Behavioral Health Counseling and Social Work Support for students and families

  6. Telehealth Counseling

  7. Audiology screenings

In order to utilize our services, you must first enroll with your school’s Health Center. Below is a list of the participating schools:

  1. School 2: Contact Brenda Clark at 973-321-1000 ext. 20273

  2. School 5: Contact Nargish Akther at 973-321-2273

  3. New Roberto Clemente: Contact Jenny Cepeda at 973-321-1000 Ext. 22489

  4. Senator Frank Lautenberg : Contact Diane Savage at 973-321-1000 Ext: 20648

  5. School 15: Contact Shalika Ulloa  at 973-321-1000 Ext. 10155

  6. Napier Academy: Contact Victoria Vargas  at 973-321-1000 Ext. 20406

  7. John F. Kennedy Educational Complex: Contact Taylor Weber at 973-321-1000 ext. 50034

Thank you and we look forward to working together to make all students healthy and successful this year!

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**Please visit the NJ Family Care website to apply for insurance if you lack coverage to see if you qualify. Should you have any questions regarding NJ Family Care application process to enroll your child(ren), please contact the Treatment Coordinators at your school sites by clicking on the “Participating Schools/Contact Us” from the menu above.

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