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School 2

Kiara Perez

Treatment Coordinator Supervisor

Hello! My name is Kiara Perez. I am the treatment coordinator for School #2.  I am honored to be part of such an amazing team at the Full-Service Community School Health Center! My goal here is to ensure every family is well taken care of. I enjoy doing things that’ll either help someone or potentially change someone’s life, even in a small way. Helping others through challenges gives me a sense of purpose in my work. I look forward to this school year and making a significant, positive impact on each of our amazing students! Outside of work, I enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends.  

Contact: 973-321-1000 ext. 20273


School 5

Aysha Ahmed Shammi

I was born in Bangladesh and I did all my education there as well. I am a mother of two beautiful children, boy and a girl, and I work at Walgreens Pharmacy on a part time basis. While growing up outside the US, one thing that has been clear to me is Education is the key to Success. I can read and write in Bengali, English and speak Hindi and Urdu. I am glad that I have the opportunity to work closely with families, children and the entire Community of Paterson to provide great services at Full Service Community School Health Center!

Contact: 973-321-2273 or 973-321-2275

Victoria Vargas.jpg

Dr. Frank Napier, Jr. School of Technology

Victoria Vargas- Rivera 

I’m proud and humbled to introduce myself as the FSCS Treatment Coordinator for The Napier Academy School #4 Health Center. I am bilingual in Spanish.  I began in 2015 and continue my passion for helping families. Before this position, I worked as a translator for Social Services and New York Hotels. Prior,  I  finished a year term of services at School #15 for AmeriCorps where I served gratefully the Community of Paterson! It is a blessing to be here and to work with a great Health Center team!

Contact: 973-321-1000 Ext. 20406


Full Service Community Health Centers - Operation Manager

Shalika Ulloa 

I have been with the Full- Service Community School Health Center since 2014. I am a mother of four beautiful children and worked as a Dental Assistant for 8 years. I left to attend American Institute to pursue added credentials needed in the field of dentistry. Becoming a Treatment Coordinator of a Health Center has become one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Being able to grow a relationship with all the children in the Health Center is what I look forward to each day. Whether it is providing services for them or just having them stop in the say "hi"...they have become my children too. My promise is that I will go above and beyond to meet their Health Care needs. I now look forward to my new role as Operations Manager.

Contact: 973-321-1000 ext. 22489


John F. Kennedy Edu Complex

Maritza Gastulo

I am proud and blessed to introduce myself as the FSCS Health Center Treatment Coordinator for John F. Kennedy High School Complex as of December 2020 and am bilingual in Spanish. I am also a graduate of JFK and very happy to be working in this school.  I am  a Certified Dental Assistant as well and  a mother of five wonderful children. I believe being blessed with this position was God sent.  I've been helping people in my community for many years. It's what I do from the heart. Being able to help students, fills my heart with joy. To build a relationship with students and help them is what I am looking forward to do everyday. My oath is to go above and beyond for our students and families.

Contact: 973-321-1000 Ext. 50034


Alonzo "Tambua" Moody Academy

Virginia Kretschmer

Hi there! My name is Virginia Kretschmer and I am the Treatment Coordinator as well as the Nutrition Educator at the Full Service Community School Health Centers! My goal here is to make sure everyone feels comfortable with my humble and encouraging demeanor. Some things you should know about me is that I LOVE pretzels with peanut butter, coffee, coffee and more coffee and relaxing on my couch under a fluffy blanket watching a sappy romance movie. So whether you need my help or just want to say hi, my door is always open. 

Contact: 973-321-0110 Ext. 21130


School 15

Nargish Akther

My name is Nargish Akther. I was born in Bangladesh. I moved to the USA when I was in 6th grade. I have always been very passionate about helping others. I believe it’s pertinent to use my education
and knowledge in a field where I know I make a difference. I have always worked in places where I’m surrounded by many people with the feeling that my presence actually means something. I enjoy spending time communicating with different people especially when someone comes from a different country.

Contact: 973-321-1000 Ext. 22489

Diane Savage.jpg

Senator Frank Lautenberg School

Diane Savage 

I am a mother of four beautiful children: 2 girls and 2 boys. I graduated from Dover Business College in 2011, with my certification in Medical Billing and Coding. I also have a license in Cosmetologist and Salon ownership. I have been the Treatment Coordinator for SFL since 2014 and enjoy my jpb everyday helping our students and families.

Contact: 973-321-1000 Ext: 20648


Joseph A. Taub

Mahmuda Alam

​Hello! My name is Mahmuda Alam. My family and I migrated to the US in 2009. Since then, Paterson has been my home and my sanctuary. I grew up in this community and have experienced the best and worst days of my life. I have been a part of Full Service Community Schools since 2019 as an AmeriCorp VISTA. However, as of 2022, I am a proud Treatment Coordinator for FSCS Health Center at Joseph A. Taub School. My goal as a TC is to bring as many positive changes as possible to our community. I want the students and families to have a warm and fun experience for the few years they will be attending our middle school.

Contact: 973-321-1000 


School 16

Glenny Vasquez

My name is Glenny Vasquez, I am  the Treatment Coordinator for school 16.

I was born in Dominican Republic and moved to United States in 2007. I'm a mom of two boys.

For many years I worked as a CNA  at nursing and rehab center.s I love the work of helping people AND  that's the reason I  am so happy to be a part of FSCS and work with students and families at school 16.

I lost my parents a few years ago and the best way to honor them is helping other as they did.

Contact: 973-321-1000


The New Roberto Clemente - NRC

Laura Macines

​My name is Laura Macines and I am the Treatment Coordinator for NRC and a Nutrition Educator working with the FSCS Health Centers. My Journey began with Kinesiology and love of athleticism until I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that directly impacted my energy level's and weight. My focus then  shifted to Nutrition and Holistic practices for healing. I am excited to be a part of this team coordinating health center services for our students as well as educating families in nutrition health and wellness.

Contact: 973-321-1000 ext. 22489

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