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Meditation for Kids to Cure Anxiety

During this difficult time, we understand that some of your kids are feeling quite anxious. While we may all feel so out of control with what is going on in the world, we find it is really helpful to give kids the tools to feel centered. We found this wonderful resource from the Stop, Breathe & Think YouTube Channel. Below is their description of the Square Breathing Technique.

In this video, boost your superpowers of calm and focus by breathing as Puffer Fish keeps time. Try playing this mindful game when you are overly excited or are in a meltdown.

It is also helpful to play this game when you feel already feel relaxed to build the muscles of calming down in more stressful situations. This video begins in the ocean with Puffer Fish ready to show you how to play Square Breathing.

To play this mindful game, you’ll sit or stand with your back straight and body relaxed. If you’re standing, let your arms hang by your side. If you’re sitting, rest your hands on your knees. Then, you’ll breathe in time with Puffer Fish as she swims around the sides of a square. As Puffer Fish swims up, you’ll breathe in for a count of four. As Puffer Fish swims across the top of the square, you’ll hold your breath for a count of four. As Puffer Fish swim down the side of the square, you’ll breathe out for a count of four. And as Puffer Fish swims across the bottom of the square, you’ll hold your breath again for a count of four, repeating the cycle a few more times.

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