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Happy Dr. Seuss Week!

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’ birthday !!!  To pay tribute to our favorite children’s author, we have a very healthy poem written by the FSCS Administrator and Health Center nutritionist, Denise Hajjar.


Start your Day the Healthy Way

By Denise Hajjar

Would you drive a car with no gas? This is the question I may ask.


"You need to fuel your body and your mind," said the Cat in the Hat…that friend of mine.

The Cat in the Hat eats green eggs and ham, so why oh why

don’t you eat a clam?

or a snail….or a snake?


Because that can give us a belly ache, for goodness sake!

"So what is a nutritious breakfast?" asked Sam I Am.

A slice of whole wheat toast with a touch of Jam!

Or an egg of course, but please no spam! YucK!


Now for some fruit…like some berries or grapes… or nice yellow banana like feeding the apes!


Choose at least 3 from the 5 food groups….even though it may give you the…..Oops! 

"You can’t say that!" said Sam I Am!

"Oh never mind that," said the Cat in the Hat…

These are my breakfast ideas that will fuel your brain and keep you running like a plane or a train…                        

But sometimes I run out the door with no food in my belly…Hey how about an apple

with some jelly?


  Well, perhaps an apple but with some peanut butter: a fruit and a protein, there’s nothing better!  The protein will be sure to keep you focused all day,

and the apple will keep the doctor away!

The End

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