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School 15 Hosts Community Health Fair

School 15 held a Community Health Fair on Jan. 18, providing important information and resources, while engaging parents with community members. Various partners present included School 15 Counseling Department, NJ Snaps Food Support Services (CFBNJ), NJ Family Care, NJ Lead, NJ Statewide Student Support Services (NJ4S), and the School 15 FSCS Health Clinic.

Despite the weather, the event had a great turnout with successful results. NJ Snaps provided statistics of 10 new enrollments into their program. Similarly, the Health Clinic gave out 12 enrollment packets, 8 of which were filled out at the moment.

According to Thalia Contreras, FSCS Treatment Coordinator, “Overall, beyond just numbers, everyone walked away with a tank full of knowledge on better ways to be mindful of their child's health and needs.”

Nutritious food and refreshments were also provided to top the event off and leave parents reminded of the power of conscious good health.

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